Good luck will rub off, 'en I shake 'ands with you (mineka_c) wrote in ditloacw,
Good luck will rub off, 'en I shake 'ands with you

Contest and New Stuff

What the heck? What's that at the bottom of the DitLoaC main page? It is the Day in the Life of a Cosplayer Live Journal Community of course!
This way, updating new events shall be infinitly easier for me, and save everyone the issue of having to wonder what someone is talking about in the shoutbox (which is of course still there, because nothing could really replace it.)
So keep an eye on this space for any new contests, news, or really anything. Remember, even if the CG server goes down, it's unlikely LJ has to. So if there's another issue like the one that just passed, I'll post the comics here.
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