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Day in the Life of a Cosplayer Webcomic
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Day in the Life of a Cosplayer is a webcomic hosted on Comic Genesis, about Litalra and Yitsana two individuals that get thrown together by a rather innocent filing error.
Litalra, a half deamon is sent to our world (aka human land) on a one year assigment to be the post master of New York Citys post office, disguised as a dark occult store named The Darker Broom Closet. If she manages to go the year without breaking any rules she will be moved up to the rank of second class deamon.
Yitsana, on the other hand is a happy-go-lucky HUMAN from Middle-of-Nowhere PA. She's attending Manhattantown U. in the city, but curtosy of the dorms being full of Goddesses, people with afro's, and the assorted girls trying to pass themselves off as guys and vice versa, the school got her rooming of campus. Oddly enough with Litalra.
Because of a contract, Litalra believes she's rooming with an Angel from Heaven, and therefore is forbidden from doing any actual physical harm to her.
Yitsana thinks she's rooming with another normal girl, and does her best to become best friends.

Enter in other characters like Mii-Mii and Fokitsu, the results of splicing animal genes with humans, and Jimbo the shrunken talking head and you have......... well, SOMETHING.

A quick note about the title:
You might wonder, why the hell is it called Day in the Life of a Cosplayer, when there is obviously no cosplaying?
Well, that stems from what happens when you start an account with out actually having a story line first ^_^; The original idea for DitLoaC was going to be about a cosplayer, and the trials and tribulations of being one, and the occassional fight to the death with the sewing machine. However, since I couldn't bring myself to make something like burning a hole in a nearly completed 100% silk Chii dress, just a hem away from completeion, because the iron was held down to long. I quickly came to realise: I can not mock the troubles of being a cosplayer, because me being one, wouldn't find it funny. I'm sure someone out there would laugh when 3 weeks of careful hand stitching is ruined because your non-declawed cat decided to use it as a scratching post, but I wouldn't. I couldn't. So instead I sat down, pulled characters out of other stories of mine, gave them (for the most part) face lifts, and new lives.
Yitsana hails from a story called Black Angel, which was started when I was in 5th grade. It's my baby, but it's a disaster. So I didn't feel to bad about yanking her.
Litalra hails from, based off of my Ultima Online character (who I became VERY attached to. I need more UO, DAMN YOU DIAL-UP!), was used in the story I'll Never Forget. Two other characters from that tale will make an apperance later on, Kenji and Jeremy.

I thought I should say this. DitLoaC was started on a whim, but it has quickly grown to be as important to me as some of my other older stories. So thought the hair colour, and names are the same, the characters have gotten different personalities. If you can believe it, Yitsana is actually rather smart, and knows karare in Black Angel. I kid you not.