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Good luck will rub off, 'en I shake 'ands with you


Don't forget to go back and read all the pages that have suddenly appeared! CG is feeling better, and Mon-Thurs pages are all up!

Copy and pasted from the shoutbox:
So because of the server is ruinging this week. I've made something fun for all those who visit the shoutbox. A CONTEST!
Up until the start of Anime Boston (that's the 20th for those not going), I'll run a little game.
I'm thinking of a number between 100 and 1000 (don't worry, I wrote it down. So I won't forget, and it won't change). Everyone get's one guess a day (and I'll be checking dates!) anyone who guesses the exact number automatically wins, and the contest ends.
If no one has guessed the exact number by the 20th, then the closest person will win.
What's the prize? Nothing that great, but it's a full colour print of Yitsana with bunny ears/tail hopping on Kitty-Litalra's shoulders; signed and dated. There'll be a mini-non BG version of this pic on the DitLoaC cards I'll be handing out at AB.
The person who wins will be in charge of contacting me with their address and I will send it out before my birthday in mid May.
If anyone would like to BUY a print, after the contest, they'll be 4 dollars. I'll send a non-touched up line art if anyone is interested.

Numbers Guessed already (shall hopefully be updated daily, so there isn't double guessing. Guesses posted as replies to this post shall also be counted, so no posting here and in the SB!)

123, 550, 666
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